Monday, September 12, 2011

Braided Scarf Tutorial

Lately I have taken up "pinning" as a new obsession hobby and today I saw this neat blue and yellow "braided scarf" (which is  kinda expensive for like $40! crazy!) and I just had to make my own... for free! I made mine from scarves I already had but my next one will be made out of jersey like the original.

 I apologize for the photo quality... all I had was my iPhone. This is my first time making a tutorial so please bear with me :o)

NOW... the only hard part is the "braid" which is actually a knot. A couple of knots. I knew exactly what they did when I saw the scarf because I always used to knot multiple hairbands to wear on my wrist in the same way. Explaining it is not as easy, however....

I just found this you tube video showing the knot being made perfectly.  Watch it and you'll be all set!

Wish I'd seen this before, but the method I used worked just as well :)


Lay one loop over the other so that the knots are opposite one another away from the center

Pull the loops through each other... that the knots are now at the center. Repeat this step until you have the desired effect.

I completed the twist four times with this result.

Untie the ends.

Now the ends of the scarves must simply be sewn together. 

I wrapped one scarf around the other to conceal the fringe. 

Now just sew the last two ends and your done!

And now I need cute boots to wear with it.

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