Thursday, September 29, 2011

I felt like sewing tonight

Tonight I decided to get my sewing machine out. It's been awhile... at least seven months! I went to the fabric store earlier today and bought some prints I really liked and a yard of something I've never used before... TULLE! The girl who cut my fabric warned that the Tulle would be fierce to work with but after a little practice...I tamed the Tulle!

Neon and Neutral is a big trend right now so when I saw some bright orange piping in the Halloween section of JoAnn's I just had to add it to my project. I think it is for a construction worker... it's that bright! So this project was my first tulle experience and my first piping project.

"Side A"
I made the Pillow reversible so each side would be interesting..

"Side B"
This is the side with the Tulle!I don't know which side I like best.

Here are the tutorials I used to make my new frilly, ruffly, tulley pillow (I love combining ideas from several tutorials) :

Pillow Piping Tutorial

Ruffle Pillow Tutorial

Ruffle Pouch Tutorial

 That neon piping really "pops!"

I love that this blog is becoming my art journal :)

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