Tuesday, October 25, 2011

halloween makeup

This look was inspired by my new favorite You Tube channel Leopsie. She is adorable and really informative about hair and beauty. I changed my whole hair regimen because of her! Lately she's been posting fun makeup tutorials for Halloween and I loved the Broken Porcelain Doll. This was a test run to see how it would look on me. Right now I'm making  a wig made of black yarn. It's pretty tedious work so I thought I'd take a break to make this quick post :) But back to work I go!

A second attempt. I like this one better because I think I look less clownish.

Make sure you stop by Leopsie's channel 
and if you have long hair, I recommend watching Sock Bun Curls. 
They are amazing and completely heat free!


  1. Elizabeth I loved your video on the porcelain doll. Thanks for sharing and I loved your porcelain doll photos

  2. Aw thank you I'm really glad you liked the makeup, but I must give all video credit to Leopsie :) She is fabulous. Thanks for commenting!