Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Lil' Studio

With things finally winding down at the green house (only 2 weeks left before we close!), I had the chance to revamp my little art corner over the weekend. Now hopefully I can stay motivated and have a productive winter!

Things got a little messy over the summer so I did some major damage to a disorganized mountain of papers, bills, lost socks (yea), and unfinished projects burying my craft table. I'm the type of person who has to have order before things get done. It looks so much better now!

I had a bed sheet with all these brightly painted trees that I love but don't use on my bed anymore... 
I always thought it would look sweet hanging on the wall so up it went. I love it! It also makes a sweet hiding place for my giant portfolio that I never have a place for. 

And as a bonus the sheet makes an fun backdrop wall for taking photos :)

Some of my miniature animals. These little guys inspire a lot of the Felty Forest animals I sew. I have always loved tiny things and I have a pretty big collection of them.

I love this glass owl jar. He was a goodwill find last year. He has a twin jar just like him sitting in my kitchen.  The smaller bottle is full of tiny things I find on my nature adventures.

I love this wooden snowflake garland I bought at Target last Christmas. I thought it was too pretty not to leave up all year.

Putting the newly cleared table to good use! I had an Etsy order go out this week to a fellow Ohioan.

The Felty Forest Bracelet. Hope she likes it :) 

Cheers :)

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