Thursday, October 6, 2011

tacky or trendy?

I layered too much nail polish tonight but as I was removing it I thought it looked cool so I left some of it on my nails. Covered with a clear coat it looks pretty intentional... and so much easier than water marbling! Eh, I'm too tired to mess with it further so I'll find out if people like it at work tomorrow.
I like it :)

***Blog Update 10-31-11***

I just saw my nails pinned to a board called "Stupid and Ugly Crap People Pin" so that's one vote for tacky. Eh, it was a lazy manicure I probably would never do on purpose.


  1. I love that look! I've tried water-marbeling, and it's tricky! Plus, it's a huge mess when I do it... I just recently got some crackle nail polish. I love that stuff!

  2. Thanks Rachael! It was a fun mistake and I got a few compliments on it. I've been wanting to try some crackle polish out...might have to be my next purchase :) And water marbling has always been a hit or miss for me but I love it when it works. Its all about that magical water temperature.