Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Painted Pumpkins

Today it finally hit me.... the desire to decorate for fall! Must have cute pumpkins!

Step 1. Take sweet time at store picking best pumpkins from the bin. Score!
Step 2. Go home and get crafty!

Hip Pop Art Pumpkins

I got this pumpkin painting idea from a picture on Pinterest. I love them!  I taped them up first to make the clean lines and removed it after the paint dried.  For the yellow and blue pumpkins I had to apply a couple of layers of white paint first so that the colors were really vibrant (as seen below). Spray paint would make painting a lot easier but I just used a brush. Do what you can with what you have, right? :)

 Taped up pumpkin... I learned that matte paint is not the best idea because it comes off the shiny pumpkin skin really easy. Never fear! 
Modge Podge is here! 
Seal it if you have to use it.

Art Nouveau Pumpkin 

 I'm a sucker for swirly doodles... I put them EVERYWHERE.
This one was probably the most fun to make. Just let your paint brush wander.

Twinkle Pumpkin

For this one I took a Philips screwdriver to poke the holes. Then I just stuffed a string of lights inside. Autumn cuteness and magical ambiance!!

 Ended the night with homemade "pizza," or as I like to call it, "Veggie awesomeness on french bread!" Which believe me, is much more accurate!


I want to try blogging a recipe so we'll revisit this pizza deliciousness soon :)

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